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Solid state hard disk (ssd) use flash chips as storage media, which is also commonly referred to as ssd. It is a new force for the hard disk industry. Traditional mechanical hard disks have an unsatisfactory transmission speed due to various influences such as rotation speed, magnetic head, and random access, which greatly limits the performance of the whole machine. The advent of solid state hard disk (ssd) has changed the traditional concept of hard disks by adding memory chips into them. Although life has decreased, the performance of mechanical hard disks has improved by several times or even several times, which has been widely recognized by players.

solid state hard disk
           solid state hard disk

It is believed that gamers have learned the basic characteristics of some solid state hard disk (ssd), which are read and write speeds that mechanical hard disks cannot match. Players tend to start the system at a much slower speed after a long time of installation, while a solid state hard disk (ssd) has a good storage mechanism and read-write performance to maintain the speed of the system. And when large applications such as Photoshop and games read and write a lot, the speed will be doubled, so that players do not have to wait a long time again.

Some gamers don’t really know where the promotion brought by solid state hard disk (ssd) is. Solid state hard disk (ssd) has been widely disseminated and promoted. Ultra-fast transmission speed has become the main purpose for players to purchase it. However, the author also found in the forum that the concept of speed also caused some players to have a wrong understanding. Gamers believe that assembling a solid-state hard disk (ssd) will improve the fluidity of the actual game and make the game better.

Benefits of Solid State Hard Disk:

The system boots up quickly and has fast read and write speed. Low heat, fragments do not affect the reading time, no magnetic head, fast random reading, a larger temperature range, small size, light weight, vibration resistance, no mechanical failure.

Classification of solid state hard disk:

There are two kinds of storage media for solid state hard disk, one is using flash memory (flash chip) as storage media, the other is using dram as storage media.

(solid state hard disk)Flash-based class:

Flash-based solid state hard disk (ideflash disk, serial ATA flash disk): uses flash chips as storage media, which is also commonly referred to as ssd. Its appearance can be made into a variety of styles, such as notebook hard disk, micro hard disk, memory card, u disk, etc. The best advantage of this SSD solid state hard disk is that it can be moved, and the data protection is not controlled by the power supply, adapts to various environments, and is suitable for individual users. [1] Generally, it erases about 3000 times. Take the commonly used 64g as an example, under the balanced writing mechanism of ssd, the total amount of data that can be erased is 64g x 3000 = 192000g. If you are a perverted video king who likes to download videos every day and then delete 100g every day, the available days are 192000 / 100 = 1920, that is 1920 / 366 = 5.25 years. If your average user writes much less than 10g per day, take 10g for 52.5 years without interruption, and 104 years without interruption if you use 128G ssd! What is this concept? Like normal hard disk hdd, it can read and write indefinitely in theory.

(solid state hard disk)Based on DRAM class:

DRAM-based solid state hard disk: using dram as storage media, the application range is narrow. Following the traditional hard disk design, it can be set up and managed by most operating system file system tools, and provides industry standard PCI and FC interfaces for connecting hosts or servers. There are two types of applications, SSD hard disk and SSD hard disk array. It is a high performance memory and has a long life. The disadvantage is that it needs a separate power supply to protect the data security. The DRAM solid state hard disk is a relatively non-mainstream device.

solid state hard disk

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